Stretch Videos

These stretching videos are to serve as a reminder for your home stretching routine. If you were given a specific stretching routine, you may be doing some of these stretches in only one direction to counteract a specific imbalance. Please only use these stretches as directed and discontinue activities which cause unusual or significant discomfort. If you have any questions regarding which stretches have been suggested or how to perform these stretches, please contact us.

Hamstring Stretch|
Glute Stretch|
Wall Glute Stretch|
Neck Stretches|
Quadriceps Stretch|
Lower Back Stretch (Roll Over Stretch)|
Gluteus Medius Stretch (Door Knob Stretch)|
Calf Stretch|
Lunge Stretch|
Pec Stretch|
Scalene Neck Stretch|
Side Bend Stretch|

These stretches are intended only for the use of our patients as directed by Dr. Vose.