Tip-toeing into Minimalist Footwear (Day 4)

I took yesterday completely off from wearing the fivefingers and today my foot and ankle feels back to normal.  It was quite strange the way that my foot reacted after that first day, the only potential reason for that happening that I can think of is that my right foot was already under a bit more stress than usual (for reasons unknown) and I just didn’t feel it.  Today I have worn them while walking around the house for an hour and my feet feel good.  I have been very conscious of walking as if I didn’t have anything on my feet, mostly concentrating on not landing on my heel at all.  Stretching out the bottom of my foot feels really good too, I will continue to do that.

I was just sent the following links that are short videos about the topic of barefoot running.  The first video is about some of the tribes in Mexico that are incredibly proficient at running long distances for very long times and theorizes about how they can be so successful.  Very interesting stuff, thanks Jon!


The second video is a short talk by Christopher McDougall the author of “Born to Run” which has become an anchor for the barefoot running movement.  His ideas are thought provoking and interesting, although there are portions of his talk that the skeptic in me has trouble buying into.  Either way, he is a good speaker and presents some very interesting topics of discussion.


Taking out the trash!


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