Tip-toeing into Minimalist Footwear (Day 2)

Today my feet haven’t felt very good.  I have had some pain in my right midfoot that feels like a joint related pain, kind of sharp and pinching that comes and goes only with certain movements.  I have also had similar ankle pain and even a little dull-achy pain in the lower portion of my right leg.  I have been wearing the Aline insoles all day because the support on the bottom of the foot makes it feel better.  It is tough to imaging that wearing the fivefinger shoes for an hour the previous day was the cause of this, but I am not sure what else it could be.   Maybe the shoes gave me a false sense of security walking up the street and I wasn’t careful enough with my gait.  Today I am not going to walk around barefoot, even in my house.  I have worked on the muscles in my lower leg and the bottom of the foot, and iced my ankle for 10 minutes and I feel like that has helped.  I have worn the fivefingers while I am sitting on the couch writing this blog and watching the Red Sox game, but that is about it…  better luck tomorrow!

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