Tip-toeing into Minimalist Footwear (Day 10)

In order to get to the point where I feel comfortable running in the fivefingers, I need to be able to walk in them.  After walking in them on Day 1 on concrete, I figured the next step would be to walk for a while in the grass and to make sure that that feels good.  Today I walked for about 20 minutes on the grass and my feet did feel good, however in the hours following the walk, my feet felt as though they really wanted more support than they usually do.

This process has led me to my first revelation regarding these shoes… If I am going to spend any significant time walking (or running) in the fivefinger shoes, I am going to plan on spending the rest of the day in a well supported shoe with my Aline insoles in them. My feet do tend to hyperpronate (my arch collapses and ankle turns in) so maybe that is playing a role in how sensitive my feet have been to this point, but I guess I can’t do too much about that… unless by wearing these shoes I can “train” my feet to be stronger.  I am getting the feeling that this is going to be a LONG project.

Action shot...

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