The philosophy I follow  is founded on simplicity, efficiency and logic.

Each patient’s condition is evaluated by asking a lot of questions, looking at the posture and movement of the entire body and palpating muscles and joints to determine how well they work. If there is a problem with musculature, the muscle is treated. If there is a problem with a joint, the joint is treated. If there is a problem with a nerve, I determine where along the nerve the problem originates and treat that area.

Any combination of muscle, joint and nerve pain can contribute to an individual’s condition. Your care will be designed to address all relevant tissues. In order to treat musculature we use a combination of heat, deep tissue work, stretches, home exercise, ultrasound, muscle stimulation and strengthening exercises. Once the musculature that surrounds a joint is relaxed, it becomes easier to evaluate the function of the joint. If the joint is unable to go through a proper range of motion, a gentle chiropractic adjustment is indicated. This adjustment can be gentle because the tissue surrounding that joint has been loosened up. I find that although this approach is a bit more time consuming, the results are better and longer lasting, especially when a home stretching routine is incorporated regularly into a person’s care.

It is my goal to help you keep your body working at 100%. I work to teach you as much as I can about your body, including how to identify problems and how to prevent them from returning. When home care proves not to be enough, I work with you to restore your body to optimal health as quickly as possible so you can spend your time doing the things you love to do.